A few Reminders:

  1. Unless otherwise posted (as sports or Ceremonial etc) uniform for Tuesdays is C5 (Sea Training Uniform which is ballcap, blue collared shirt, black t-shirt, pants, belt and boots).
  2. The gate and building will be open at 1800 hrs with cadets to arrive between 1815 hrs and 1830 hrs (6:15 PM -6:30 PM).
  3. Parents are invited and encouraged to pop in at 2100 hrs (9:00 PM) for Announcements or any questions you may have that our staff can assist with.
  4. Dress for Sundays is comfortable sports clothes and cadets for Drill Team practice should bring parade boots and ballcaps.
  5. Snacks are available on Tuesdays and Sundays (cookies, chips and pizza when possible)
  6. Bring your refillable water bottle every Sunday (and Tuesday)