UPDATE: The Ship (HMCS Prevost) has been declared Safe for us to train in again! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow (5 March 2024) for a Re-Scheduled Pink Shirt Day. Information on the day is below.

We’ve rescheduled our Pink Shirt Day to March 5th!  To commemorate Pink Shirt Day (Anti-Bullying Day) cadets are encouraged to dress in Pink Civilian Attire, and part of the evening will be dedicated to Anti-Bullying Training! We’ll also be running Sports for some fun before Spring Break! 

Note: The Ship (HMCS Prevost) currently does not have water, and will not for the following weeks. Cadets MUST bring a full Water Bottle with them. Portable Washrooms will be available outside the Ship for Cadets to use if needed. 

Cadets who cannot attend Mandatory (Tuesday) training are reminded to use the Request Form to let us know!