This Tuesday, we’ll be holding a Promotions Parade, to promote all of our eligible Cadets who have completed the required training this year! Parents and Guests are invited to attend from 18:30-19:10 for the start of our parade, with training for Cadets continuing afterward.

We will also be handing out Joining Instructions (Kit List, Important Information, Required Forms, etc.) for our Cadets attending Summer Training! Attendance is mandatory for all, if you cannot make it, please communicate this with your Chain of Command or submit a Request Form.

Dress: C5 – STUs (Blue Workdress)

Reminder – Nametags were issued during our ACR, and are required for wear on all Orders of Dress unless specified. Nametags are worn over the right breast pocket, centred with the pocket button (see Diagram here).  If you were not issued a nametag, please communicate this with your Chain of Command in the new year.

Senior Cadets are asked to bring Civilian Attire to change after the Parade for a Leadership Tasking.

Timings: 18:15 – 21:00